About Wamimichi

Having been born in Hong Kong, our owner’s childhood was the inspiration behind setting up Wamimichi and providing the people of Luton with a taste of delicious Hong Kong cuisine. We are a modern noodle bar that offers an eclectic menu filled with various dishes. Although we have a relaxed atmosphere, Wamimichi is home to an eccentric environment, which creates a healthy balance between traditional and modern approaches.

The Finest Food and Ingredients

Bold and flavourful, our ingredients are sourced and imported freshly from China and Japan. They are used to capture a special taste that is only associated with Wamimichi dishes. Our menu comprises a vast selection of meals, although our specialities are noodle and dim sum dishes. Alongside our sumptuous mains, we also offer a collection of starters, side dishes, and desserts, as well as a drinks menu that includes both alcoholic and soft drinks.

Contact us now, in Luton, Bedfordshire, for more details about the food served at our noodle bar.